Ralf Koch Elevators

Ralf Koch Aufzugs-Service GmbH

Familienunternehmen seit 1986


Exterior view of the company

The Ralf Koch Elevators was founded 1986 by Ralf Koch in Berlin as a service provider for lifts and conveying systems.
Today we are a fast growing mid-sized company on market in Berlin. We are a well established business and have a varied portfolio of Objects of Reference.

Ralf Koch is vice "Obermeister" and trainer of the guild for metal and plastics engineering Berlin and provides annual apprenticeships.

Furthermore Ralf Koch is a committed member of Verband für Aufzugstechnik e.V.(the Association for Lift Construction)(VFA).
We therefore assure in the course of active association work to be always up-to-date with our knowledge within our industry.

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