Ralf Koch Elevators

Ralf Koch Aufzugs-Service GmbH

Familienunternehmen seit 1986


Repair of an elevator

Large or small repairs - trust our competence!

We carry out a variety of large and small repairs within a short period of time, transparent in cost and vendor-independent. Your advantage: we can offer all services under one roof.
Our business activities range from replacement of engines or shaft doors, to the renovation of electrical switch cabinets, contacts or bars.
Major repairs of lift shaft constructions are routine tasks for our specialised staff.
Thus, our metal workers are in a position to also repair the equipment used for your machines and metal structures.

TUV defects - we will recondition your lift construction!

For ensuring the safety standard of your lifts, regular inspections by an approved body are required by law. We support you.
A professional maintenance service can help prevent faults.
In case any defects or faults have been identified, we are your reliable partner to recondition your lift constructions.

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